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Helping Buyers and Sellers all over Alaska!
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Funny Real Estate Photos & Listings

Funny Real Estate Photos

You never know what funny and strange things you’ll find in the real estate listings. Here are some of my favorites! (Click the links to see the posts with more photos.)

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Appear in Their Real Estate Listings

baby in the house 2

A Baby Gives a House Tour

Not Haunted real estate sign

Beware of These 7 Scary Real Estate Listings

dead deer lying in living room-NY listing-Amy

Oh, Deer! What’s Happening in These Real Estate Photos?

5 Ways Dead Animals Can Kill a Real Estate Listing

Be a Doll and Buy This House!

5 Very Scary Real Estate Photos

A (Friendly) Bear in the House

6 Creeptastic Real Estate Photos

Does This Count as a Double Vanity?

“Buy This House or I’ll Get You–and Your Little Dog, Too!”

A Home Office That Does Double Duty

In This Trophy Room, There Are No Winners

Animals That Aren’t Helping to Sell Houses

5 Funny Real Estate Listings

Another Good Reason to Fire Your Real Estate Agent

5 Things to Avoid When Staging Your House to Sell

A $6.5 Million Gilded “Palace” (Girls Not Included)

Putting Your House on the Market? Put Your Dolls Away!

Would Cute Pets Convince You to Buy This Place?

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